For more than 20 years, Baron Baptiste has been an inspirational yoga teacher, author, and leader in the realm of transformation.

Baron founded Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in the 1980′s and has influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and across many cultures. Born into a lineage and heritage of health, yoga and spiritual educators, Baron was bred to teach and educate.

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Baptiste Yoga provides transformational learning and growth environments for individuals seeking to deepen their personal yoga practice, alongside with those who are walking the teachers and leaders path. Our participants and teachers are known for their powerful teaching, authentic expression, commitment to empowering and transforming others, and fostering dynamic communities.  We invite you to explore our calendar and choose a new path forward today.

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The Baptiste Yoga Community is a dynamic group of practitioners, teachers, and affiliated studios.   Wherever you are in the world, the Baptiste Community is not far!

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With temperatures in the studio hovering in the mid 90′s, Baptiste Yoga offers a true immersion into your physical and mental self. Students of all levels come to the studios to reset, refresh and realize their true potential on and … Read More

As I've come to expect from all the Baptiste programs I've attended, Baron and his staff are impeccable in their delivery. Baron has such a gift for delivering to people exactly what they need and he did not disappoint in Level Two!

– Pauline Cunningham | Level Two Training, Mexico 2011Read More Testimonials


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