Online Learning Course With Baron Baptiste

Discover how to apply all the learning from reading the book perfectly imperfect into your life and practice with this online learning app. Bring Baron’s wisdom, depth and experience with you wherever you go. Find out what opens up for you when you do the work!

Are you ready to shift your relationship to yoga? To your thinking? To your whole life? I’m so excited for you to sign up and join yogis across the globe for our journey together into the art and soul of yoga. This mobile-friendly program is a unique opportunity for you to explore my approach to yoga and how it has shaped my approach to every aspect of my life.

Each of the 40 sessions in this program contains an instructional video, inspirational content from my new book “Perfectly Imperfect” as well as journaling exercises and daily intentions. By integrating these practices into your daily life you will experience a profound shift in your awareness and attitude to yoga, your loved ones, your work - your life!

Sign up today and let’s together take a journey into the art and soul of yoga!