Fit To Lead Training Program

Program Description

The Fit To Lead Training Program is a new advanced model of leadership, which utilizes the Baptiste Yoga Methodology as a peak educational experience resulting in a key turning point in your life and leadership.

The Promise

You will leave the Fit To Lead Training Program being a natural leader and an effective educator of the principles and practices of the Baptiste Yoga Methodology as a natural expression of who you are.

You will have the ability to powerfully and naturally alter what happens in your classroom environments and in all areas of your life.

We have a team of leaders and teachers with unprecedented power and ability who are fully self-expressed in fulfilling their own interests and the reason for the existence of Baptiste Yoga in the world – the future we are and the business we are in.

You will leave a life-affirming footprint of your own legacy in the world. The foundation needed for leading Baptiste Institute programs into a new era of possibility has been established.

The Importance 

The Fit To Lead Training Program is the access for you to cause the future and legacy of Baptiste Yoga on the planet and at the same time, realize your own interests, commitments and legacy.

The Basis

The program is based on and built from an advanced model of leadership based on the methodology of Baptiste Yoga.

The Purpose

Immerse into the study and action of leading and teaching the fundamental principles and practices of Baptiste Yoga as a leadership model and to discover and embody in your real as-lived-experience the impact of these principles and practices on life, living and self.

Stimulate and support the effective application of the principles and practices of the Baptiste Yoga Methodology to the lives of individuals and communities to reliably and significantly elevate human performance and quality of life, and from a place of personal authenticity, essence and depth of being. This includes leading the application of the Baptiste Yoga Methodology in all areas of living across the entire spectrum of human activity including:

  • Individuals and families;
  • Public and private organizations, such as yoga studios and similar entities;
  • Non-profit and educational entities; and
  • Public forums and governmental entities, including but not exclusive of, military and troops.

By bringing the Baptiste Yoga Model and Methodology utilized in this Fit To Lead Training Program to the areas of life where you are committed, the Fit To Lead Training Program will powerfully contribute and make a real, lasting difference, leaving the footprint of your own legacy.

This training will provide access to all of the material we, the Baptiste Institute, have developed, as well as provide support and training for utilizing the Baptiste Yoga As a Leadership Model and the Baptiste Yoga Methodology in your own personal development, classroom workshop development and teaching. (This includes the training of you as a prospective Baptiste Leader Teacher Faculty Member in mastering and teaching the Baptiste Yoga Curriculum all over the planet as a representative of the Baptiste Institute.)

This program is an opportunity for you to gain a new mastery in and out of the yoga room and bring yourself as a natural leader to the next level. In this program you will learn and embody leadership both in the classroom and every arena of your life.

You will leave the Fit To Lead Training Program being a magnet for new thinking, new solutions and creative strategies that will elevate your leadership in and out of the yoga room. You will have the tools to assist others in taking a leap in their own exercise of leadership. If you are ready to do the work, discover yourself newly and remove obstructions from your understanding of where you are as a leader and teacher. If you want to create a completely new view of your leadership, then the Fit To Lead Training Program is for you. Your realm of possibilities will be enormously expanded, and you will have the confidence to lead yourself and others in any type of situation to be empowered.


Upcoming Fit To Lead Training Program Events

Fit To Lead
Fit To Lead

Fit To Lead Training Program 2016 | Park City, UT

December 31st, 2015 to December 31st, 2017

2016 registration opens soon! Who Requirements: Certified Baptiste Teacher (200 hour) Be on the pathway to 500 hour certification Complete or registered for next Level 3 Teacher Training What This 24 month program consists of 8 weekend modules (Friday, Saturday, … Read More