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With temperatures in the studio hovering in the mid 90′s, Baptiste Yoga offers a true immersion into your physical and mental self. Students of all levels come to the studios to reset, refresh and realize their true potential on and off the mat. We invite you to come and experience the magic and power of transformation that awaits! Together we’re up to something BIG!

December Update

It’s easy to go through the motions during the holiday season, with family, friends and even on your mat. You become depleated when you wedge yourself into a mold that doesn’t fit. Choose to celebrate your practice and your life from a place of unique self-expression and you’ll be infused with a sense of naturalness, grace and joy!

Make a connection. Say hi to someone you don’t know. You’ll be surprised how joyful your holiday season can be when every moment, every connection is a celebration. Allow your practice to serve and ignite you, launching you powerfully through the end of the year in jubilation and full self-expression!

Connect more deeply to YOU this December by treating yourself to a few of our upcoming workshops. Deepen your practice and open into balance, restoration and ease during Restorative Yoga: Accessing Deep Relaxation and Joy!, with Heather Sheehan and Jill Sauro. Bring the possibility of clarity and joy for yourself to life during Nick Dickinson’s Inner Bliss: A Meditation Workshop. Take your practice to the next level by powerfully combining asana and meditation during Meditative Power Flow with Samuel Robinson and Nick Dickinson.

This December offers up plenty of other great opportunities as well! Our Meditation class in Cambridge has moved to Sundays from 3:45PM-4:15PM, we’ll be rocking a couple of exciting in-studio trunk shows, we’ve got Baptiste gift cards available for all your holiday needs and our New Year’s Eve: Rinse 2012 & Ignite 2013 classes from 4PM-6PM at both studios will round out 2012 powerfully…all class packages accepted!

Take your practice on with vivacity. Share it boldly with everyone around you. Take every opportunity to shine!

In Gratitude,

The Baptiste Yoga Studio Team


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