Bundle Package - Baptiste Live DVD's

Get our Best Selling DVD in this combo pack with our most powerful DVD.

Baptiste Live contains three separate practice vinyasas. Soul of Strength, Core Power, and Unlocking Athletic Power come together on this single DVD giving you over 2 hours of flow that you can mix and match to tailor to your practice.  Each flow will challenge and encourage the students of all levels.  You will feel lighter, energetic and powerful.

Incredibly Inspiring! Baptiste Live in Africa Practice DVD! This 90-minute practice DVD was filmed during Baron’s powerful trip to Africa in 2009, during the first ever Africa Yoga Project teacher training.

This DVD captures the essence of Baptiste Yoga and Africa Yoga Project.  Be part of and witness the powerful transformations of the lives of these young Kenyans built on the principles and practices of Baptiste Yoga.

This powerful DVD contains a  live 90-minute practice, also features six chalk talks with Baron breaking down elements of the practice, and a guided meditation at the base of Mt. Kiliamanjaro.  This DVD really speaks to and shows the true power of transformation through yoga!

Bought independently these DVD’s would be 75.00.  Purchase them in this package and get them both for 68.00.