A Sannyasin is a spiritual warrior; a seeker of truth on a mission of positive change. It is our belief at Baptiste Yoga that we all have the ability to be such a leader. In seizing this rare opportunity you become your own seeker of truth, and learn to elegantly share your truth. Join a special group of individuals who are ready to move deeper into themselves and into their own power as people and as teachers of Baptiste Yoga in Level Two Training: The Sannyasin’s Journey

You have set a foundation and attained a deeper understanding of Baptiste Yoga and yourself during Level One Training. In Level Two Training, we support you to break new ground with your teaching and in your life through one on one attention and feedback throughout the week. The size of this program is intentionally limited to create an intensive and intimate learning atmosphere.

The focus of Level Two is teaching and living authentically. You will explore your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher, bringing blind-spots into view in a way that makes you powerful in the moment. It is an opportunity to discover and explore the extraordinary within you as a teacher, a practitioner, and a person.

Ultimately, it is you who sets the bar. You and your peers will demand more of yourselves and each other than you could ever expect—and grow more than you could ever imagine.


The Sannyasin’s Journey

Inherently, each one of us has the substance within to achieve whatever our goals and dreams define. What is missing from each of us is the training, education, knowledge and insight to utilize what we already have. — Mark Twain

Experiential Learning: To Thine Own Self Be True

While we will hone your understanding of yoga teaching technique, our training method focuses on being experiential. During Level Two, each participant will engage in the theory and practice of a dynamic, balanced program of daily asana practice, meditation, group discussion and writing — all tools for clarifying your insight, intention, and sharing as a teacher of yoga.

Throughout the week we encourage you to develop your own “soul-centered” and joyful approach to teaching; the program is set up to evolve with your own growth. Creativity, innovation, and the development of each teacher’s unique style are encouraged and supported, within the bounds of the principles and philosophy of Baptiste Yoga.

Each day begins with a sweat-soaked master class that is sure to push you to face physical limits, and then carry you through to great discoveries. These innovative classes will lay a foundation for your week, as you spend your afternoons and evenings focused on your teaching.

Sharing Distilled Wisdom

For over two decades Baron Baptiste has worked to help individuals transform their live and taught thousands of students all over the world. Within Level Two, Baptiste Yoga offers the wisdom gained from these years of experience: a distilled compilation of principles and teaching practices used in Baron’s own daily classes and workshops, which you can immediately put to work in your own classes.

From the first evening of your Level Two, we will share with you the specific values and beliefs that help Baron to lead, teach, and inspire both individuals and large groups.

The Curriculum: Honing Your Skills and Transforming Your Teaching

Our shared objective is to hone your skills in teaching Baptiste Yoga to any student who walks into your class. In Level One, you learned the basics. In this program, we get deep into the physical and spiritual trenches, so you evolve as a teacher beyond the technical realm and into your true power. This growth is a key factor for you to grow as a teacher, to owning your flow and moving from your center.

We will focus on teaching the Baptiste “All-Levels” sequence of asana and pranayama. Each student will have opportunities to teach to the entire group in a feedback-based environment. Together we will explore poses, techniques, and topics that will lend variety and inspiration to your class structure. In addition to training with me, you will train with my staff of teachers from Baptiste Studios who provide their own insight into how you can effectively build your career. As you hone your teaching skills during daily skill sessions, your fellow participants will become your coaches.

There are many possibilities; what follows is a just a sampling. In one week you will gain new insight into:

  • Your own yoga practice
  • Seamless teaching of the Baptiste Flow
  • Limitations that hold you back from being the teacher you want to be and how to break through these limitations
  • Engaging and inspiring your students with your authentic voice and presence
  • Showing up fresh and being present for every moment of every class
  • Teaching with your hands: how to give effective, safe and confident assists
  • Reading bodies: how to hone your intuition to read your students’ energy blocks and emotions
  • Leading a class of different levels: how to make a challenging vinyasa rewarding for everyone
  • The Practice of Breath: how to weave pranayama breathing applications into a vinyasa class
  • Sequencing: how to structure your class with Baron’s proven format
  • Injuries: Basic principles of prevention and coping
  • Reading Energy: how to read and respond to the needs of a group or an individual
  • Vibrant Body Language: how to use it to teach an exciting class

Finally, for eight days you will explore, refine and empower your own practice, studying your own patterns and habits. You will focus inward, in order to move outward as an illumined teacher.

Healing the Healer | Physician, heal thy Self.” — Hippocrates

The wisdom, power and insight that you acquire from traveling on your own journey is the most authentic and real tool you’ll use to help others on their path into healing and personal power. The person who returns home from a Baptiste retreat is seldom the same as the one who departed. You already know this from having completed at least one Bootcamp. The returning traveler has new insight, new richness of being and a new physical strength. John Steinbeck wrote, “We do not take a trip; a trip takes us.” Your experience at Level Two will take you on a journey into your power; and while the most apparent transformations will be physical, the changes will go beyond your body, into your spirit.

At Level Two you will have the opportunity not only to learn but also to live the principles of yoga for one week. The experience will penetrate your nervous system and move you more deeply into your practice. In this way, the principles will crystallize within you as an authentic power to be shared with others.

Setting the Journey in Motion | If you can, you must – Baron Baptiste

We believe that a yoga teacher’s deepest responsibility, and ultimate reward, is being of service in the transformation of others. This reward requires commitment. Level Two is a commitment that will challenge you on every level and is for all those seeking a deeper understanding of the Baptiste Yoga practice. It is also a step in the process of becoming a Certified and Master Baptiste Yoga Teacher.

You must be prepared to challenge yourself in ways you may never have done before—to experience and examine the highest degree of teaching and to selflessly empower others to reach their highest aspirations. We engage in group feedback throughout the week, so whether you are leading the group or participating, you will be on 100% of the time. As many of you already know, teaching is the best teacher and keeps you on the edge of your own personal growth. In this way, your commitment will become its own reward.

If you know you have what it takes to be a teacher’s teacher, if you are supremely committed and coachable, if you want to make an enduring impact on the lives of all those you have the privilege to touch, then Level Two is not an option—it’s a must.