Take your teaching, your leadership, and your life to new levels of possibility, flow, and empowerment! Something deep and amazing happens in the Baptiste Level One and Level Two Trainings, and Level Three: Beyond Borders, will deepen the work you’ve already done and take you to a whole new level! Level Three is for teachers who are empowering people to experience more freedom and power in their practice and their lives; who are leaders beyond the classroom, transforming their studios and communities; and for teachers who are committed to being their best selves and empowering people to be their best selves through every interaction and in every moment.

Step into the bigger game NOW. Level Three Training is open to Certified Baptiste Teachers,
and graduates of Level Two Training who are committed to Baptiste Certification.

Those who apply to Level Three are committed to becoming a Baptiste Certified teacher,
and are in communication with BPYI about how to make that happen.
You do not have to apply for Certification before applying for Level Three.

To learn more about Baptiste Certification, CLICK HERE.

With Baptiste Level Three Training you will create a new and profound relationship with your yoga practice such that it becomes a platform for achieving what’s important to you in your life and your teaching. You’ll gain direct access to a methodology that facilitates breakthroughs in teaching to the body and leading from the heart. Experience living and teaching in such a way that your life is a contribution and makes a profound difference not only for you, but for the lives of those you touch and the community in which you live.

Beyond Borders provides a demanding environment of coaching and support for you to rigorously explore what is necessary to bring transformation powerfully present and alive in your teaching and your daily life. This training will develop your ability to bring your full creativity, vitality, and power to bear on your teaching, leadership, and life vision. Beyond Borders gives you a vivid, practical edge in converting fear into power and putting your insights into action – the real work of teaching and being alive.

In Level Three: Beyond Borders you will dive deeper into teaching and embodying the Baptiste methodology, its Source Principles, and teaching True North Alignment. You will unearth a new clarity in your physical practice and your communication so that you can cause breakthroughs in connecting with your students and your community! In this training you will:

  • Gain direct access to new methodologies which will create a breakthrough in teaching, leading & living.Experience an expanded ability in your own asana practice to further open and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.
  • Create a new deepened relationship with your own practice on & off the mat, and experience a profound ability to share it such that it becomes a platform for achieving what’s important to you.
  • Awaken to your blindspots and see with new eyes what may have limited you in the past. Dissolve barriers in your practicing, teaching and leading, and move into new levels of freedom, power and ease.
  • Expand your capability to be a powerful coach for people in your community and in your life.
  • Connect, teach, and lead more authentically and powerfully with your students and everyone around you. Share genuinely the freedom and flow of life through your teaching and being. This advanced training is about mastery – mastery in living an extraordinary life of contribution and teaching what you love. Get ready to go beyond the borders!

Please note that as part of your application you are required to provide two letters of recommendation, to be uploaded to your application directly. We recommend you secure your letters before filling out your application, although you may fill out your application and upload the letters at a later date.

These letters of recommendation should come from an individual who has experienced you as a teacher, knows you well, and is ideally:A Baptiste Affiliate Studio Owner; orA Certified Baptiste Teacher; orA Peer or Mentor (yoga teacher) preferably with a deep connection to the Baptiste Community.  The letter should focus on how you as a Baptiste Teacher excel in the following areas:

  1. Effectiveness as a teacher
  2. Power in building a community
  3. Commitment to the Baptiste Methodology