The Promise of Level Three: Beyond Borders

You will bring forth a new level of competency and be left with a mastery in delivering the Baptiste Methodology in your community.

You will make manifest those things that where not going to happen anyway in your teaching, your life and the lives of those around you.

You are free to make your unique contribution and leadership expressed as a leader/teacher in the world.

Level Three: Beyond Borders training will radically shift your teaching, your leadership and your life. It is about creating a new and profound relationship with your yoga practice such that it becomes a platform for achieving what’s most important to you. Experience teaching and living in such a way that your life is a contribution and makes a profound difference, not only for you, but for the lives of those you touch and the community in which you live.

This advanced training is about mastery – mastery in teaching what you love and living an extraordinary life of contribution. 

Level Three: Beyond Borders training is for Certified Baptiste Teachers (and those in the process of Certification).

Who is this program for?

  • Baptiste Certified Teachers (those in the process of Certification)
  • Level Two graduates committed to Baptiste Teacher Certification

What can I expect?

  • Develop your ability to bring full creativity, vitality and power to your teaching, leadership and life vision.
  • Expand your capability to be a powerful coach.
  • Convert fear into power and put your insights into action.

As with all of our weeklong programs:

  • Daily you can expect two to three yoga practices, meditation, group discussions and partner work.
  • Your tuition includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and an afternoon snack.

The schedule will be full and we recommend if you would like to sightsee arrive prior to the start of the program or stay a few days after the program ends.

Your Commitment

This training requires you to commit yourself 100%. This includes: being on time to all sessions daily, being coachable in the moment and being open to try on what is offered.

Enrollment Process

  • Complete the Level Three Application ($500 deposit upon submitting application). 
  • Schedule your phone interview. 
  • Within two weeks of your phone interview you will know if you have been accepted to the program.

Upcoming Level Three | Beyond Borders Events

Level Three Training
Level Three Training

Level Three Training | East Coast

November 7th to 14th, 2015

Check back soon for details about Level Three: Beyond Borders scheduled for November 7 – 14, 2015!