Journey Into Power Level One Training is your opportunity to join Baptiste Yoga and a committed group of people who are ready to move deeper into themselves and into their own power. This is a process of total immersion and transformation for those who want to teach, deepen their practice and transform their life. (By Acceptance ONLY!)

Baron Baptiste’s Level One Training is an exclusive hands-on opportunity for those who understand that a yoga teacher’s deepest responsibility – and ultimate reward – is the ability to transform the lives of individuals seeking physical and spiritual growth and leading them to a healthier state of existence. It is an environment of extraordinary standards – a total immersion in which you and your peers will demand more of yourselves and each other than ever before. As a result, you will grow more than you could ever imagine.

Baptiste Level One Training is the opportunity to learn how to skillfully weave technical knowledge and possibility into your teaching style. The focus will be on all aspects of teaching and living the principles of yoga within a contemporary context and language. It is an exclusive opportunity to grow, connect, and contribute to your overall growth as a teacher and as a person.

You will be expected to show up at your best every minute of every day. Your reward will be the certainty that you are meeting your highest goals and dreams about who you are and who you are capable of being. As Shakespeare said: “You know who you are, but know not who you could be.” Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to spend one week with transforming your life!

Baptiste Yoga offers some of the most holistic and comprehensive yoga Teacher Training programs in the country. Our trainings focus on authentic, strong, safe and effective teaching. This course curriculum includes a detailed exploration of the Baptiste Methodology, as well as philosophy, sequencing, hands-on assisting, and practice teaching.

Baptiste Yoga is committed to clear, consistent standards ensuring trainees have the ability to teach with the highest level of skill while honoring their own unique voice. Our trainings give participants the tools to be able to teach classes that integrate the principles, philosophies, and technical knowledge that are the pillars of the Baptiste Yoga Methodology

Level One Training is a powerful introductory training that will set the stage for great teaching, deeper learning and will build the foundation for on-going education in the Baptiste system. Each training will build on each other and will give trainees the mentoring, depth and skills necessary to develop into seasoned, high impact teachers.

Who Should Attend Level One?

Baptiste Yoga trainings are for everyone. Anyone at any level of yoga experience who seeks a greater understanding of Baptiste Yoga and its multi-dimensional qualities of physical stature, mental training, deeper spiritual connection and the life skills needed for continued personal and professional growth and enrichment. Participants with as little as three months and as many as thirty years experience have found our Level One Training to be enlightening and deeply transformative. If you decide to attend (no matter what your level of experience) it is essential that you show up at 100% and with a resolute commitment to yourself and to this program!

Tuition, Accommodations, and Meals

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Baptiste dedicated phone line: 888-399-3429