FOUNDATIONS IN ACTION: A BAPTISTE YOGA BASIC TRAINING is an immersion into mastering and enhancing your technical knowledge of the foundational Baptiste Yoga practice. No matter what your level of experience as a teacher or practitioner, come and explore this potent practice and build your foundation on a rock!

This training is for those looking to inspire their own practice, for professional yoga teachers, and for people interested in becoming teachers. The objective is genuine growth from experience, not the appearance of it. The methods of Baptiste Yoga are based on: intuition, authenticity, creativity, technical knowledge and total transformation. FOUNDATIONS IN ACTION gives you the support of a like-minded group of people, dedicated to the art of practice, and provides a safe and awakening environment in which to learn and grow to new altitudes.

If you are not a teacher:
FOUNDATIONS IN ACTION will inspire you with the Baptiste approach, practice, and methodology. Come closer to your own growing edge through exploration of this practice! Seize and absorb the tools, the practices, and the space to walk an empowered life path and create an extraordinary yoga practice – every single day.

If you already teach:
Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, FOUNDATIONS IN ACTION will help you build a confident, workable knowledge of the building blocks of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga flow and how to effectively share it with others. Teachers who have trained with Baron before, come to be re-inspired, refreshed to revisit the FOUNDATION of what you teach! Stay lit-up and keep expanding into new levels of technical knowledge, impact, precision, effectiveness, and connection with the people and the lives you touch.

This Training Will Be a Breakthrough Event
During the three days of the program, you will engage and learn the basic key aspects of the time-tested Journey into Power asana sequence that has proven to be a popular, effective, and powerful practice for people from all walks of life. With Baron’s guidance, you will have the opportunity to purposefully and thoroughly break down some of the basic elements of the Journey into Power sequence into its eleven components.

During the three days, we also will engage in seminar discussion groups that will explore themes that are central to all Baptiste trainings and practice. These topics include: authenticity in one’s life and teaching, excavation of the true self and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs and patterns, and opening up to something new and powerful in one’s life.

These three days will be jam-packed with valuable tools, take-aways, and powerful yoga practices. DON’T MISS OUT!

Who Should Attend?
If you don’t want to teach, this program is for you. The benefits from this program that will appear in your daily practice as well as off the mat are priceless. You will take with you the ability to enhance your practice and have an innate knowledge of asana. The FOUNDATIONS IN ACTION program is guaranteed to leave you healthier and more powerful. When you practice in the studio or at home, you will be amazed to find how much more meaningful, potent, and effective your yoga practice will be.

If you are already a yoga teacher, this is an excellent opportunity for you to increase your knowledge base and improve your own practice. You will also find that you will be able to effortlessly add impact and inspiration to your classes, as well as support your students in a more meaningful and helpful way based on your deeper understanding of the Baptiste asana practice.

If you are unsure about signing up for a week-long program with us or have limited availability, this program is a great first step. These three days will give you the ability to explore the sequence and learn more about Baptiste Yoga and our empowered community. You will walk away with amazing tools that are yours forever to incorporate into your practice and into your teaching. This is an easy, inexpensive way to access the transformational methodology of the Baptiste Yoga Institute.

The FOUNDATIONS IN ACTION weekend is a big, intense practice, but not just a physical practice (although there was plenty of that) – it is a life practice.  Did I learn the tools of being a more powerful yoga teacher?  YES! Along with that I got how to live each moment of my life more powerfully.   There were yogis young and old, male and female, of all sizes and from all backgrounds.  There were yogis that hadn’t practiced in years, yogis that had just started practicing and yogis that have practiced for years and years and years.  None if it mattered.  We all turned into open vessels and walked out ready and willing to bring what the weekend taught us into our yoga practice, into our relationships, and into every part of our lives.  –Tricia Huffman, participant

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