Apprentice & Assist Baptiste Programs

Assisting at Baptiste Program is an opportunity to work alongside seasoned Baptiste teachers, affiliate studio owners, Baptiste Yoga Staff, and even Baron himself.

It is an extremely intensive, hands-on training process, requiring 100% presence and commitment for the entirety of the training. As an assistant you hold space for the entire program, and are vital to creating the powerful transformative culture that exists within a Baptiste Program.  An assistant is a seasoned member of the Baptiste Community has a working knowledge of hands on assisting, is committed to holding space for and being of service to the larger Baptiste community, and is highly coachable and open to feedback

We are committed to creating world class assistant teams and draw from the very best of our community.

 Apprentice Application Will Open Soon!

CLICK HERE for the 2013 Baptiste Yoga Assistant Application 

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Upon submitting your application, you will be contacted by a member of the Baptiste Yoga community to discuss your availability and application.

Preference for Week-Long  Program Assisting Team participation is given in the following order:
  1. Certified, Senior, and Master Teachers
  2. Graduates of Levels One, Two, and Three
  3. Graduates of Levels One, Two & Art of Assisting
  4. Graduates of Levels One & Art of Assisting

Opportunities exist to assist shorter Baptiste Programs.  Those who have assisted Week Long Trainings will be given preference for shorter programs.  Applications are reviewed based on merit, skill set, ability, and availability and will be informed via telephone and email if they have been selected.

First time applicants are selected as Apprentices, and pay a discounted tuition fee to assist their first week-long program.  No matter how long you’ve been teaching or assisting, a Baptiste Program is an environment like no other, and requires you to step in as a powerful beginner.

The Apprentice Assistant Program opened my eyes to teaching in a whole new way.  The Baptiste team co-created a powerful and supportive environment where I could grow, learn and step-up as a leader.  I am beyond blessed to have received the benefits of personal mentoring both on and off the mat from the brilliantly talented senior team as well as Baron himself.  It was a rare opportunity to  develop my skills, knowledge and personal commitments through inspiring journaling, personal check-in’s and daily team meetings.   I had the amazing opportunity to listen to and share with the entire Level I group and be a witness to their transformations, I truly felt the power of being for others.   I am grateful for the time I spent as an apprentice working in partnership with this group of exceptional teachers and teachers in training.    What I learned at this program went far beyond learning to assist a yoga class. I am truly inspired by Baptiste Power Yoga and the Apprentice Assistant Program and through it I am forever changed for the better.  - Luca Richards, Apprentice August Level One 2011
Please note that interest in this opportunity is high and the spaces available are limited. Should you not be accepted to assist a program this year, we will email you with an invitation to reapply during the next open enrollment period.  We appreciate your desire to work with us and look forward to reviewing your application!

Frequently Asked Questions

How come I keep asking to assist and haven’t been called yet?
Great question. We have about 10x more people requesting to assist than we actually can accommodate at our week long programs and the ratio is not far behind for our short programs. We work hard to place the right people at the right program and please keep in mind that requesting to assist is not a guarantee that you will assist. We deeply appreciate every request and the commitment to assist and will serve every potential assistant, assistant, and program as best we can.

Do I have to set up my own travel and accommodations?
Yes. You are responsible for booking your own flight and hotel.  You may reach out to the team about possibilities for rooming.

Is it possible to get my travel and lodging paid for by Baptiste?
We don’t offer any stipends for travel and lodging unless otherwise noted.

Are meals provided?
We usually will provide lunch and dinner during assisting times and some light snacks throughout the day.

I don’t have a lot of current Baptiste clothing.  When can I buy my new Baptiste clothing?
You will be able to purchase Baptiste wear if you choose before program starts.

What do I need to bring with me? 
Watch, snacks, water bottle, yoga mat, blocks, strap, yogi toes, and enough yoga clothing for two practices per day.