Putting my Practice into Action | by Kristen Hendricks

By Baptiste Yoga on November 21, 2011

My name is Kristen Hendricks and I am a teacher at the Boston Baptiste studios.  One year ago, while residing in McLean, Virginia, I attended Foundations in Action in Park City, Utah. That weekend I wrote the following in my journal:  “I will work with the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.  I will teach in Boston.  I will assist programs.”  Today, I write this email to you from a coffee shop a block down the street from the Baptiste Cambridge studio.

In February 2011, I took part in the apprentice program at Level One Training in Hawaii.  I took a week off from my senior year in college to attend, feeling unsure as to what I wanted to do with my life when I graduated.  “Feeling unsure” was consistent with how I felt at the beginning of the week – I had a lot of thoughts about not being good enough to assist with an amazing team of seasoned Baptiste teachers.  I was timid and scared to truly be myself, not raising my hand when asked to share and feeling afraid of saying the wrong thing or looking silly. One of my favorite quotes by Mariane Williamson comes to mind: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”  The Baptiste Apprentice Program helped me realize that when I focus on my insecurities or compare myself to others, I make myself feel inadequate. When I am in my true self-expression and sharing from my heart, I have an abundance of joy and energy to share that allows me to feel connected with the people around me.  My transformation that week was significant.  I returned to my classes in Virginia teaching and sharing vividly and dynamically from my heart.  Students told me that I seemed lighter and more joyful; attendance at my classes increased.  My classes became more accessible to others by being true to who I am.  Wow- I am getting energized right now by sharing this with you!

While assisting Level One Training in Mexico this past June, I experienced breakthroughs in the power of clear communication and being for others.  Before Mexico I often found myself trying to do everything on my own.  This strategy has helped me in the past, yet it created frustration and disconnection for me in a group.  I honed in on the root of my frustration, an old belief that I had about myself since I was eight years old.  At that age I lost all of my hearing in my right ear.  I created a belief about myself that “I am overwhelmed and I am not heard.”  I became aware that in the moments where I felt frustrated and disconnected from my teammates I was acting out of this lie.  I practiced noticing this pattern for the rest of the week in the safe environment that program provides all participants.  With the support of the team and hearing the participants’ breakthroughs in unveiling similar thought patterns, I became present to what a weight this belief has been on my back.  Noticing this and choosing to let it go is now a part of my daily practice.

Each program I assist has caused new breakthroughs in my life, supporting me in healing relationships, cleaning up clutter in my life, letting go of fear and taking actions to make my dreams a reality. Not only has this happened for me; I see it happening for everyone who assists – it is totally inspiring!

I have seen and experienced tremendous growth in the Baptiste programs since my first Level One Training.  I have seen true community-building in action by Baptiste teachers clearing past issues, acknowledging each other, and committing to creating new possibilities together.  What I’ve experienced in programs has impacted my life tremendously, and now I’m putting my practice into action in my life.  Instead of suppressing my feelings, I practice speaking straight with myself and the people in my life.  I feel lighter and more full of joy than I ever have before.

My intention is to contribute to this amazing community by teaching Baptiste yoga, and assisting programs, so that I may continue to evolve and share the joy with everyone around me. I am committed to my growth and our community’s growth! I invite YOU to join me at a future program or a class at the “Mothership” in Cambridge or Brookline soon in the near future.


  • Gina

    I love you Kristen. You inspire me and remind me to be real with myself, moment by moment. So grateful to experience the apprentice program with you in Hawaii – such great memories. Can’t wait to see your beautiful face in Maya Tulum! xo

  • Zach Street

    I love you and I miss you

  • Suzie

    You. Are. So. Inspiring. Miss you here in Virginia!! <3

  • Jpiesto28

    You’ve inspired me and welcomed me into Virginia. I miss you tons and can’t wait to practice with you again! I want to share happiness together! Xoxo

  • Mom

    Wow! She’s my daughter! I am one proud mother!

  • Riederer

    This is so impressive, Kristen. I’m proud of you!
    Dorothee Riederer

  • Gina Woodhill

    This is such a perfect way of expressing the experience of Baptiste. You have encouraged me in this moment to share more of my authentic self, to check in with the lies I need to defy, and being inspiring not by what I know but by how I am. Thank you. Will definitely see you at Cambridge this year, probably May. The community of Baptitse is growing. In Canberra it is person by person making a difference to the lives of individuals and groups on and off the mat. I took a class today where they went through the JiP sequence fully for the first time….and the lightness in the room at the end was a gift to each of us in the room.

  • Aimee DeRoehn

    Hi Kristen! I do not personally know you and I have not been to the studio in a few months but I sure hope to take your class when I am there again.. I wanted to write to you and say thank you SO much for this article.. amazing huh? You open your heart and share what about BPYI ignites you, and that inner ignite seems to POUR OUT what you have held inside… For the last… um? Nine Years I suspose.. if THAT is possible… I found Baptiste in a way that I never expected, and about when everything about my life would scream IT IS ALL OVER.. I have Baptiste above all in my bones, my heart, my cells, my soul… and currently I am actually writing a book on how this practice saved my life! I feel it would be a mockery to God and the yoga gods if I did not.. When I struggle with how to write it, all I need to do is simply remember is THIS article YOU wrote.. which will forever remind me, when the writers block cements in .. CHILL OUT.. BREATHE.. do a few yoga poses if need be, and open your heart and write from that place.. and further more for RE reminding me to LIVE from that space … I thank you so so much yoga babe! Keep it up, and remember all you need to know, say, do is from the guidance inside your abundant heart space.. Love, Light, BE happy.. AImee DeRoehn

  • KristenmHendricks

    Thank you to everyone for your positive words and encouragement. I feel the LOVE. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=510714089 Ha Nguyen

    Kristen – You have grown so much since I’ve known you. I am so proud of you for following your heart and facing all the challenges with such compassion, love and FUN! You are an inspiration to me and I value your kindness during my Level II Bootcamp in Austin this year and your leadership at the Immersion in Philly. Much love, light and happiness my fellow yogi.

  • Jane Brown

    Hi Kristen and THANK YOU! Reading about your journey is an inspiration to me! . I too have had dreams and wrote them in my journal about assisting and teaching more. I see and hear the miracle of this Baptiste Yoga shining thru your travels, your struggles and your heart. Hope to meet you on my next visit to Boston.

  • Tamsy

    yes you are a powerful teacher, friend and inspiration to the BPYI community!