One of Life’s Greatest Gifts | by Gina Garcia

By Baptiste Yoga on September 22, 2011

I came to Estes Park, CO for the Baptiste Power Flow Immersion.  I came to reconnect with my yoga family, to come back to my source and to be open to transformation.  Transformation comes in all shapes and sizes, but for me, right now, there is nothing bigger than love.  To open myself up to loving myself; all of me.  To give myself permission to let go of self judgement and replace that with pure love is one of life’s greatest gifts.

This week, Baron talked about the “power” of this yoga practice.  “There is power in the practice, and that power is love,” he said.  As we began our final master yoga class on Wednesday, I felt love on a whole different level.   “Acknowledge the gift that you are,” said Baron.  “Take care of your garden. Remove the rocks.”    It was the beginning of a 4-hour class, and I immediately felt my heart begin to soften. Baron had gracefully brought us into our hearts, then into the rest of our bodies.   Be okay with things as they are, or as they are not.   Perfect acceptance opens up to possibility.”

There was no room for judgement. There was no room for thinking things through. There was no room for anything, but love.

I am a certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher.  I believe in this practice because it not only transforms bodies, it transforms lives.  I am leaving the Rocky Mountains with a beautiful gift, a beautiful breakthrough: I have the power to love myself.

Yes, acceptance opens us up to possibility.  It is the perfect gift that we can give ourselves, and it the perfect gift that we can give to others.

  • Ann

    After having recently completed the 40 Days to Personal Revolution at the wonderful Synergy Baptiste studio in Barrington, RI I feel compelled to comment on my journey of transformation. I agree with you that this practice not only transforms bodies, it transforms lives. My favorite lesson that I’ve enjoyed after the 40 Days has been the practice of equanimity. I’ve begun blogging about my experiences and sharing the benefits of this practice. Thank you!