I Can Share the Heart of Yoga | by Billy Saida

By Paige Elenson on September 20, 2011

By Billy Saida of Africa Yoga Project

The Baptiste Power Flow immersion Estes Park: wow! The excitement I feel from being part of such a vibrant community is feeding my soul. I am re-connecting with old friends, both from Africa Yoga Project and from my Baptiste Level One Training in August. I am also watching people that have never been to a Baptiste practice be lit up by the immersion and creating new relationships. It seems what we all have in common is the desire to live with intention and choose our way of being in this world.

On Sunday night, Baron introduced his team of Senior Teachers to us and gave each of them a chance to address the whole group. From the way all the presenters showed up, to their voices and to the contents of what they shared that night, I was convinced that I am going to have another empowering journey into my life. The night was short and complete; I could not help but wait for Monday morning.

Monday morning, the day begins with a meditation session, I struggled with this session because most of the time I was in my own world. When Baron started leading us through a visualization, I started looking at myself from the inside out, just when I started having the joy of being inside myself, all I could think of was doing this kind of practice with my Mom. My Mom lives in Kenya and has been very ill in the last few years. I think yoga would give her many tools to help herself, but because of her religious upbringing, I don’t think she would be open to it. I felt sadness overwhelm me. I would love for her to be able to see herself from the inside out, instead of always seeking from the outside herself towards a greater being, which is still outside herself.

The day continued with a nice juicy Asana practice, which expounded on possibilities to more possibilities. The practice was warm and welcoming it and ended even before I knew it. We took a two hour break during which I went to our booth (Africa Yoga Project) in the market place and had the honor of not only meeting lots of smiling hearts, but also our wonderful AYP mentors and ambassadors – the best place to spend your break time.

Afterward, everyone went into break-out sessions which were facilitated by the most amazing souls, the Senior Baptiste teachers. I took Paige Elenson’s class, and though I know her very well, I can say this one was on a totally different level. She talked about service in a very new fresh style. For the first time in my life I practiced almost a whole class facing my partner. How nice is it when you take a nice upward dog and in front of you is someone taking the same pose, opening up his/her heart toward you as the teacher says, ” Upward facing dog; connect.” One tool I got from this session is: This is a practice that you don’t have to wait to be branded ‘qualified’ to be able to share it.

After this inspiring session, we took a break and then Baron led a rejuvenation practice. We did a powerful exercise taking on new way of being and embodying it. I can’t wait for the next session; Yes, yes I will share yoga, and it may not have to look like Asana or meditation, but I can share the heart of yoga, even to my Mom in Kenya.

Great things are here at the Yoga Journal Conference.

  • Kim Snell-Zarcone

    Billy – your description of Paige’s breakout makes it sound wonderful. I recall a similar experience at a Foundations seminar in Utah this summer. Baron had us work with a partner. We stood facing each other and just stared into each others eyes. It is amazing what a person’s eyes can say, even when no words are being spoken. I love the idea of practicing while facing another person. Share the joy, share the love.

  • Diane Clement

    I am honored to be part of this community.  Thank you Billy for sharing your experience is such an eloquent way. You can actually feel the experience along side you.  I love how you wrote, “you don’t have to wait to be branded ‘qualified’ to be able to share it.”  This is something we often limit ourselves with; the need to feel qualified.  You are an inspiration indeed!  

  • http://www.dancingdogsyoga.com Shelley Lowther

    Your smile and your shine are as big as your heart, Billy.  I am honored to know you.  I can not WAIT to be more involved with AYP in the very near future.  Love to the LOVE!