Bring Love to What You Love

By Kiersten Mooney on September 22, 2011

I cant believe we just concluded the Baptiste Power Flow Immersion.  Together we walked through Shiva’s Fire and burned the mayas (illusions) of fear and self doubt. We were willing to feel what was not serving us, and to create a clearing for new possibilities on our mat and in our life.  The seeds have been planted, and although it is the end of this event it is the beginning of the rest of our life as individuals and as a community.  If we can create community like this here, we can create it anywhere; if we can inspire and be inspired here, we can anywhere; and if we can stand in our power here, we can be in our power everywhere.

We have the opportunity every moment to be curious to how we are being and in an instant choose to risk being bold.  We now know that the risk of not being a YES to lifeis so much greater than the risk of being a YES.

As Baron said throughout: Bring love to what you love and celebrate life!