New Interview with Baron

By Jenn Dwyer on June 20, 2013

Join Baron and 33Voices host Moe Abdou for this wide-ranging discussion about the importance of getting aligned in life and what questions we should all be asking ourselves.  Listen in and enjoy!

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  • Carey Pelletier

    Great interview. Well aquainted with Baron’s practice but still nice to hear him talk. Inspired me to get back to Yoga…

  • Trista Sullivan

    So…your Saying there a CHANCE!! Lol I am Finally AWARE of how Far behind the Ball I am:) I had NO IDEA of how far I was before I met you. I know your the BEST COACH in the WORLD Bc I was the Sickest Girl in the World & didn’t even know it. I was Sooo Stressed, Ashamed & Sick. You are the BEST Athlete & Coach in the same person. Not many have been able to do this!! I could not get help from others Bc I don’t Respect someone who can not PERFORM. You have given me My TRUE NORTH, My POWER & Given me a Way to Go!! I was scared to let you see how Big of a fighter I was. I React Over the Top Everytime:) My Dad always says: Trista, DONT GO to the MAT Everytime. I didn’t know how not to until I found Baptiste YOGA!!! I have a Long way to Go but I have HOPE & that’s All I need:) Yours Truly-Lil Miss Reactionary herself. Xoxo