January 7 – February 15, 2013
Two Levels: Complimentary ($0) or Revolutionary ($129)!


Digital 40 Days is a Baptiste Yoga program that uses digital tools and technology to enable people from across the planet to participate in the same 40 Days to Personal Revolution program together online. Get connected to people all over the world, give and receive support as you experience the challenge and power of Baron Baptiste’s revolutionary program. The Baptiste community has come together to create asana podcasts, weekly practice videos, livestreamed classes and original meditations from Baron to make this innovative program as powerful as can be for new and experienced students alike!  Here are your options for participating in this program:

Digital 40 Days:

  • A daily email from Baron and a team of teachers with insight and resources to support your experience,
  • A weekly streaming meditation from Baron to guide you as you build a meditation practice from the ground up,
  • Two free streaming yoga podcasts per week – one short and one long, that are yours to enjoy and experience wherever you are!
  • Access to public Digital 40 Days Facebook Page
Digital 40 Days “Revolutionary”- $129
We recommend you take on the program and deepen it by making it Revolutionary and register to be in a small group led by amazing Senior and Certified Baptiste Teachers.  For the small investment of $129, you will meet by phone 6 times a week and get greater access to and guidance in creating your personal revolution so that it lasts through day 41 and beyond! These groups will also have three group calls with Baron Baptiste, and access to more videos, podcasts, and workbooks.
The Revolutionary Level gets you everything in the free version PLUS
  • Weekly 60 minute Small Group Call, Facilitated By a Memeber of Our Program Leader Body
  • Three large group calls with Baron Baptiste
  • Two Free Downloadable Yoga Classes Per Week
  • One Free Downloadable Meditation from Baron Per Week
  • A special Digital 40 Days workbook for you to use to support and track your progress
  • A private facebook page and 40 Days website to connect and share your experience.

All of the content is original for this program and created by Baron Baptiste and the community of Certified and Senior Baptiste Teachers.

In the end yoga is not a magic cure-all, but the way it challenges our bodies, moves our stuck energy, clears our mind, and inspires us to seek and live in truth can be a catalyst for amazing physical and spiritual growth,” Baptiste writes in 40 Days to Personal Revolution, “Ultimately the yoga program found here is about developing a soulful perspective to the question that I hear nearly every day: ‘How did I get into this state, and how can I get out?’”

Unearth your own powerful inquiry and join Baptiste Yoga for this program that is for anyone, anywhere at anytime!