Week One Streaming Media

By Baptiste Yoga on January 5, 2013

Welcome to Week One of your 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program!  The theme of this week is PRESENCE and throughout the week we will be exploring Baron Baptiste’s first two Laws of Transformation: Seek the Truth & Be Willing to Come Apart.  Want the book right away?  You can download it to your eReader of choice (iPad or iPhoneAmazon Kindle, or Nook).

This week you will begin and end each day with five minutes of meditation.  Baron Baptiste has recorded weekly guided meditations for this program, which you are free to use as many times as you like.  In this first meditation, Baron takes a minute or two to assist you in getting physically set up, and then proceeds into a 5 minute guided meditation on Presence.  Enjoy!

MEDITATION – 5 minutes, twice a day.

A Meditation on Presence by Baron Baptiste



We have 2 great podcasts this week to practice along with.  The first is by Certified Baptiste Teacher Karen Torrone of Baptiste Inspired Studio 5boro Power Yoga in Staten Island, NY.  Karen provides a 20 minute asana practice that follows the sequence as written in Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

The second practice is a 90 minute standard “Journey Into Power” Baptiste sequence by Certified Teacher Luca Richards of Bala Vinyasa Yoga in Miami, FL.

Stream this meditation and these podcasts as often as you like throughout the program.  If you would like to buy a downloadable a copy for yourself for later use, or when you don’t have wifi/data available, please click here.

Be it facebook, twitter, pinterest, or instagr.am, share your #40DaysToPR experience – the highs, the lows, the breakdowns and the breakthroughs.  You can find this program and connect with the thousands of others online at:

Questions, Comments, Requests for Support?  Leave them in the comments below!

  • http://www.savannahbrentnall.com/ Savannah Brentnall

    The embed link for the meditation is incorrect: it shows the 90-minute practice instead.

  • Andy

    Yeaaa, great way to start my day let alone 40 days. Thanks Michel. I commit to staying present today. Namaste.

  • Kathy Moretti

    Wonderful way to start my day & week, thank you so much!
    Namaste .

  • Julie

    Now I am ready. Namaste

  • Kmbecher

    I feel the energy flowing!
    Thank you Baptiste yoga community~
    This is a great way to start 2013*

  • Jackie Clark77

    Thank you Baron for inspiring light into my life. Breathing every moment of these next 40 Days. Namaste.

  • Arlenerboyer

    Thank you for offering this wonderful program to us free! I love my practice and the people I practice with in Brookline. Very excited to be doing this :)

  • Atricepaddy

    Thank you for this wonderful first meditation on PRESENCE. I will enjoy sharing the practice of meditation every day with my family and friends. What a great way to begin your day.

  • Michelle in Jax Bch

    The 20 minute practice was exactly what I needed today.

  • Ljokinen

    Loving it! the meditation for presence was perfect for me, and I did the 90 minute practice. It was wonderful.

  • Janice

    Very relaxing; thank-you.

  • Anniebarclay5

    So great to hear your voice Baron! Looking forward to the next 39 days. Namaste.

  • Aimee DeRoehn

    Back in 2005, when I took Foundations in Action in Boston, I mentioned how I struggled to sleep at night for years and years, My solution? was to pop your audio cd’s into my stereo next to my bed. As soon as I heard you say, “How are you tonight, you ready to sweat? I was out STONE COLD.

    It is now 2013. I so humbled to witness my 21 year old son, Mike who began practicing with you, and Brandon at 14 years old today has seized his practice as a regular, the other day commenting on how soothing your voice is for HIS life practicing yoga on his small kitchen floor in his apartment today. He just got over the flu, and his response to me about being ill was NOT about how the flu kicked his butt but about how BUMMED he was he could not practice for 3 days!
    My daughter Lizzy attempted a class with you with Mike and I in Boston when she was in the seventh grade. The heat anihilated her. She is at NOW 18! She began a serious practice with your dvds I gave her last year. Still going strong, She had mad stress last week and she just went in her bedroom and rolled out her mat, and emerged renewed and strong in mind and heart. Finally, my new 6 month old baby, Stoney, got the flu this weekend and while we were rocking in the dark together I played your Hip Opener class on Youtube. It is how he “slept like a baby” :)
    We remain four of your biggest fans, we are an American YOGA FAMILY! To have this for ME, is integral, to share it with my KIDS and witness them becoming these giant grounded beings, tearful. I am so grateful, more today than ever. I thank you so much B.

  • PKO

    I can’t find the PDF for logging my diet. Can you please help?

    • Chris

      Check your email, and you’ll see it waiting for you!

  • Guest

    Love the meditation, but the yoga is way too fast for a beginner like myself.

    • Chris from Baptiste Yoga

      Thank you for this feedback; we’ll incorporate it into next week’s podcasts!

    • Diane Clement

      Stick with it. In the words of Lance Armstrong, “It never gets easier, you just go faster.”

  • Monica Rossi

    I can feel at ease already with the practice and meditation and its only day 2 Thank you! I had fun with the 90 min. practice and the teacher was really enthusiastic,funny with great wisdom! I felt exceptence.

  • Arlenerboyer

    Help! Bought the workbook, and it will not download. Tried both computers. Any thoughts of what could be wrong??

    • Chris

      Arlene, we just emailed it to you! Thank you for downloading, and we hope you enjoy it!

    • Lori

      Arlene -
      Oh, we have to buy it? Thought it was free. How much is it?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JVKYZKRGZQR4VCABVHEBJUDI3Q Darletta

    My husband is a newbie and I have practiced for several years. The meditation is perfect for both of us. However, the long practice was too fast and he gave up after 20 min. I love it, but slower maybe better for those new to yoga, and unfamilar with the poses. Just fyi! I am loving it ! I have the 40 days book and journey into power, and a yj cd of bb and I just love his style of guiding us in a wonderful yoga pracitce.! thanks! namaste

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1428227096 Michelle Eckerman

    Love ya Baron, I’ll do anything you say! haha

  • Darletta

    Hi ! Ididnt receive my day 5 email today. Did anyone else have this problem? I know the meditation and podcasts are the same, but I just dont want to get left behind! thanks

  • Darletta

    just finished day 6! We love it. Thanks so much! It gets better every day :) namaste

  • Kristy

    Michel – a powerful 20-minute flow…thank you!

  • Info

    Hi there – i have opened the link for the 20min session on my iPad but i do not see a yoga video i just hear the voice?
    Am i doing something wrong in the download ?
    If u are new to yoga and are not familiar with the poses it is hard to follow just a voice…?

  • Mary

    Hi there!
    I purchased the workbook and wasn’t able to download it. Any suggestions? This week I created my own spreadsheet but would love to use the workbook for the remaining weeks.

  • Santoslynch

    wayyyyyy toooo fast!

  • Kristy

    Strong class, Brandon. Love you phrase, “zip it up!” Thank you, I miss you and your classes!


  • Edcjan

    I have not received any e-mails except for the one confirming registration. Is there a link?

  • Barb

    Agree, as a yoga teacher, I too find this practice too fast at times….

  • Mary

    Week Two Vitality! Thank you Baron and Kinndli for starting my day off:) Nothing to do, nothing to fix! Namaste