Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Yelena Storma

Yelena Storma is Russian born and was raised in Ukraine, part of the former Soviet Union. It is here where she received her degree in microelectronics and also graduated from medical massage school.

Yelena came to the US in 2000. She and her daughter, Katya, joined her American husband whom she had met while he was working in Ukraine. With this move, Yelena met new challenges, a new language, and a new culture.

During this transition, Yelena began practicing Baptiste Yoga. Yelena became an instant and true believer in the Baptiste style of yoga and states it changed her life dramatically.

“The more I practiced power yoga the more my life changed for the better. I literally became a different person, a happier person. I became in tune with my body, began to eat healthier and lost the extra pounds I was carrying. My disposition became far more positive but more importantly, I quit complaining about everything and everyone.”

In 2005 Yelena enrolled in the teacher training program at Midwest Power Yoga. She then became a teacher of Vinyasa yoga and a Certified (CYT) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through the Yoga Alliance. Becoming a yoga teacher allowed Yelena to share the joy of her life changing experience that she received from yoga.

“After Level One teacher training with Baron Baptiste, I decided to open my own studio and offer the gift of yoga to others. Since my yoga journey began, my life has become inspiring, interesting and exciting, and full of self-discovery.”

Yelena chose the name of “Lotus Yoga” for her studio. She describes the Lotus flower as a flower that grows up out of the darkness, toward the light. Yelena remembers the words her mother often said to her, “No matter how many times life brings you to your knees, you get back up. We get up from our knees again and again and again, never giving up.” Yelena never forgot these words and continues to move upward.

Yelena Storma
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