Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Walter Mugwe

Yoga has inspired me to live life as a bold leader. I find happiness and authenticity when I generously share my yoga practice with others.

Through teaching yoga, I find unlimited possibilities with children, youth and all of humanity. I am inspired when people share from the heart because at the end of the day we are all connected and equal no matter what race or color or where we are from.

In 2008, I discovered yoga and through my transformation I went from living selfishly and not being able to support myself to being of service and a bold leader in the yoga community. I am a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and completed the 200 and 500-hour Baptiste Teacher Training, the Art of Assisting plus I work closely with Baron Baptiste and Paige Elenson leading the Africa Yoga Project. Though Baptiste Power Yoga, I have the freedom now, I can do anything and I can walk anywhere.

Walter Mugwe
Find Walter at:

Africa Yoga Project

Shine Center, Diamond Plaza, 4th Floor, 4th Avenue, Nairobi