Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Tory Jenis

Tory is the owner of Blackbird Studio – a hot power yoga, pilates and barre studio in Ithaca NY.

Tory has always been interested in exercise and has taught numerous forms of movement since her teenage years ranging from aerobics and weightlifting to downhill skiing. Fully certified as comprehensive Pilates instructor Tory felt she had found her lifestyle.  And then she found Baptiste Yoga.

“Truly a passion, my lifestyle and the part of myself I was missing. Baptiste yoga is not a beach-blanket yoga – it is physically and mentally challenging. However; the spiritual, mental and physical benefits you see in your everyday life off your mat will lead you to personal growth in your daily living. You can completely change yourself inside and out when you set your intention to do so. You shift and the community does. It is a phenomenal experience – on and off the mat.”

Thrilled to be certified as a Baptiste Teacher, Tory is embracing growth, change and responsibility as she continues to live breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat.

Tory Jenis
Find Tory at:

Blackbird Studio

509 North Meadow St.