Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Terry Kiely

In 1992, Terry walked into his first yoga class. He was an overworked and uninspired management consultant who had been told the only solution to his chronic back pain was surgery. He began practicing yoga regularly and was pain free after a couple of years. While this physical healing was a miracle in itself, it was nothing compared to the mental and spiritual transformation that yoga brings Terry every day.

After a several more years of practice, Terry and his wife Beth began dreaming about opening a yoga studio when they retired in another 25 years. In a moment of inspiration, they decided “Let’s do it now!” They opened Om On The Range Yoga Studio in their hometown of Chicago in 2002.

In 2003, Terry attended a class that Baron taught at a Yoga Journal Conference. The class was challenging physically, mentally, and spiritually. Seeking more, Terry participated in more programs with Baron including a Teachers’ Revolution Week and Level 1 and 2 teacher training. It was the Level 2 experience that put Terry “over the edge.”

“The process of Level 2 helped me see my self with brilliant clarity. The combination of intense physicality, self-examination, and group sharing prompted me to see things as they truly are. I understood how my way of being brought me to that point and how transforming my way of being would take me forward.”

Terry grew up on the South Side of Chicago and especially enjoys making yoga accessible to Chicago’s “regular guys.” He and his wife Beth are full-time parents to two growing boys. Terry has been an assistant at Baptiste Bootcamps and other events. He is also a certified Bikram yoga teacher. Terry holds an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

“My yoga mat has always been a place where I’m free to experiment and learn what works best for my body, my mind, and my soul. Over the years, that freedom has permeated my life off the mat as well and inspired me to live more spontaneously, joyfully, and truthfully. I bring that sense of freedom, curiosity, and experimentation to my classes so students can travel their yogic path in a way that is truly personal and ultimately satisfying on the mat and off.”

Terry Kiely
Find Terry at:

Om on the Range | Chicago

3759 N. Ravenswood#125, Chicago