Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Ted Cox

I first learned of Baron Baptiste very early in 2004 and had the good fortune of being able to go work with Baron in person in February of that year at a Personal Revolution Weekend held in Dallas, Texas. My connection to Baron, his teaching and philosophy was immediate and I signed up that weekend for his level one teacher training in Mexico in May of 2004. During the summer of 2006, I became a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. Baron’s teacher trainings are unlike any others known to me, in that Baron believes you must learn to teach from your authentic Self, transcending ego-personality. One of the primary elements of Baron’s trainings is the element of Tapas, the fire of spiritual self-transformation, or purification through a sacred ordeal. Baron’s trainings remind me of Tantric teachings, (a particular style of spiritual teaching that became prominent in India about fifteen hundred years ago), addressing a comprehensive re-creation of oneself, an unlearning of the way we think about ourselves and reality. This new identity, or new way of being is really not new at all, but is the original Identity of all beings. Baron will often teach this by saying that the longest journey many of us will take is the twelve inches from our heads to our hearts.

Baron makes you work very hard doing the practice and he takes you to some interesting places enacted on the stage of the mind. Not all of those places are good, but all of them are educational, leading to significant insights into our character and habit patterns. Baron is always right there with you, creating an atmosphere of support and love. In Baron’s first book, Journey Into Power, Baron discusses living from truth throughout the book. The word Power to me means “the power of freedom”, Svaatantrya in Sanskrit. We are all born inherently free, so free that we can choose to refuse our original Identity, our own truth, our own Self; choosing to live from the chaos in our heads rather than from the compassion of our hearts.

I am eternally grateful to Baron and personally consider him to be a true Guru in the purest meaning of the word as someone who guided me from darkness into the light of my own Being. It’s an honor to be the first and only Baptiste teacher in the Oklahoma City area to share this empowering style of yoga and to make a difference in people’s lives.

In addition to owning my own yoga studio, Spirit House Yoga, I am also a professional musician with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic.

Baron showed up in my life 7 years ago when I was at my lowest point and from the first time I was in Baron’s class, my life has turned around in a profound way. No way could I have even imagined where my life would be today 7 years ago. The number one aspect for me about Baron’s trainings is the work we do transcending our ego personality, dropping our “story”, our “old way of being” and stepping into a new truth and then teaching powerfully from that place of authenticity and truth.

Ted Cox
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