Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Ted Lardner

Ted Lardner began practicing yoga in 2004 and has been teaching yoga since 2007.  He is a Certified Baptiste Teacher.  Ted loves the generative energy of yoga.  At home with his wife and children or at work teaching writing and English to students at Cleveland State University, he finds the inspiration of yoga carrying over to life off the mat. “I want yoga to be a source of joy.  The true kind of joy emerging from kindness toward oneself.

I want my students to gain access to joy…the real kind that moves us when we let go and open to possibilities.  I want that joy to be the energy our practice brings to the world.

Ted’s classes are challenging but grounded.  Earthy and playful, they are built around simple sequences that let students cultivate strength and calmness of mind.  Students experience the physical richness of the practice as well as its moments of humor and inner-awareness. Ted’s teachers include Baron Baptiste, Gregor Singleton, the community and teachers at Cleveland Yoga; and his family; and all the poets who are secret yogis who travel on dreams carrying violin cases of darkness and write their best on the steam in the shower!

Ted Lardner
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