Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Taylor White Moffitt

Taylor White Moffitt, LCSW, is a psychotherapist. Since 1995, Taylor has helped hundreds of individuals and couples to find what is possible for them. Traditionally trained at the University of Vermont and the University of Denver, she draws on a psychodynamic background while utilizing current day mind/body techniques such as yoga, breath work, mindfulness and positive psychology.

Taylor White Moffitt, 200 RYT, is a yoga teacher. She is a certified Baptiste Yoga teacher. Taylor has trained extensively with Baron Baptiste and has studied with countless other yoga experts across the country. She teaches weekly yoga classes, retreats and workshops. Workshops include 40 Days to Personal Revolution, a class to transform lives using the trifecta of yoga, meditation, and personal work. She also offers retreats to provide a space for people to understand who they are, how they impact others and how they can create success for themselves and those around them. Taylor assists with the teacher training at Radiance Power Yoga, inspiring students to find their voice and share it with others.

Service is a key component to Taylor’s work. “We are not separate, we are connected. In my humble opinion it is this belief that has created much of the suffering we have on the planet. Let’s move away from “self-centered” by loving ourselves radically so that we get “people-centered,” learning how to love and support all those around us to reduce the suffering in our own lives and on the earth.” I love the idea ‘How we do anything is how we do everything.‘ Everyone has many paths to knowing their self and their truth. My job is to guide every person inward to find his or her most authentic self.  Finding the biggest, most true version of oneself allows one to see that everything is possible. The most important part of this process is recognizing that we have so much that we must give it away. To share who we are on a fundamental level is the first step in being of service to others. That’s why we are here.

When not in her office or on her mat, Taylor is having fun chasing her four boys, puppy and husband around her hometown of Boulder, CO.

Taylor White Moffitt
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Radiance Power Yoga

2704 28th Street, Boulder
T: 303.440.YOGA (9642)