Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Suzie Harris

Suzie Harris is a 500hr Certified Baptiste yoga teacher and the founder of Namaspa, an Affiliate Baptiste Power Yoga studio in Bend. Suzie is a graduate of Harvard (’94), Harvard Business School (’99), and worked for more than 10 years in advertising, retail and strategy consulting before leaving the corporate world to help people live better lives:
“I have lived the benefits of yoga and massage first hand. In my corporate life I suffered chronic low back pain, as well as insomnia, weakened immunity, and general chronic fatigue due to stress from work. After trying the traditional route of prescription drugs, I started exploring more holistic approaches. I found that regular massage greatly helped me relax and let go of built up tension, helping me feel more balanced and be more productive. Yoga’s meditative breath work and stretching helped me sleep soundly again, and when I discovered Baptiste Power Yoga I realized I could build strength, stamina and mindfulness at the same time. Baptiste yoga has literally transformed my life – it helped me wake up to see what my most important priorities are, and it continues to help me daily to step outside of my narrow view of the world to be more present, loving and compassionate with myself and others around me.”
Suzie has been practicing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga since 2001. She has completed 5 of the Baptiste Level 1 & 2 weeklong trainings, and has assisted for Baron at another 6 trainings.  She has her own Yoga Alliance 200h Teacher Training and loves helping new teachers find their voice!
Suzie Harris
Find Suzie at:


1135 NW Galveston, Bend