Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Susan Hlibchuk-Gregory

I began teaching fitness classes almost by accident when my first son was born 13 years ago.  It was a nice way for me to stay active and explore a healthy lifestyle and nutrition while raising my two sons.  I started to take a yoga teacher training 7 years ago. Although I knew that I loved yoga and had a huge desire to train and learn more, I discontinued my study. Something with that particular yoga training didn’t inspire me and didn’t give me the tools to make a shift in my being.  I was still stuck in the patterns that were eroding my life.  However at that time I made a secret pact with myself to teach yoga before I reached forty.

I began my teacher training with Kinndli at Power Yoga Canada while in the midst of a very difficult, toxic separation.  When I took her classes I was either crying in frog or finding myself ever so grateful in corspe pose.  I knew that I found what I was so longing for, real tools to become authentic and powerful in my own life.  I did not try anymore!  I started doing!

So off I went to my level 1 Baptiste training.  (something out a character for me and my lifestyle).  I loved it. I stopped looking for the answers outside of myself, I started to look inside, I just needed to crack myself open and here within me was everything that I I needed to be happy and content.

I am moving into the future fully responsible for where I am, thereby giving me the power to create my dream life. Baptiste Yoga has transformed my life which is the best gift that I can give myself, give my two beautiful boys and the others I love in my life.

With forty around the corner I am teaching yoga at PYC and so excited to see the community growing.

Susan Hlibchuk-Gregory
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