Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Susan Fain

I have worked what seems to be my whole life. My mom had a massive stroke when I was 12 that left her permanently disabled. I pretended to be an adult…payed bills, organized a household, cooked meals, cared for her ( bathed, dressed, prepared her meals). Adult things. At 15, I worked to earn extra money for the household, chose jobs that allowed flexible hours. Oh, and school… maintained great grades and activities so that no one knew that life at home was kept in order by a child.

I stepped into my first yoga class to escape. I remember how hard it was and that I felt safe in all the discomfort. So, instead of running away, I dove in. At 18, I showed up, did the work and my perspective began to change. I absorbed, read and studied everything about yoga that was available. After my mom died, I found Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. This style of yoga resonated in my body and spirit from the very first class. I teach this style of yoga, caring for students and lighting their paths. For this, I am humbled, honored and grateful. I have always been on this earth to serve and this is how I continue to do so.

When you show up in class, I teach the kind of class I want to take. Challenging, caring, sweet and soulful. Encouraging you to do the work, letting the process do the rest. I share what and who yoga has brought into my life and weave these all into the flow. I play…you awaken your spirit…and, step into your divinity.

Susan Fain
Find Susan at:

Power Yoga Buffalo

4575 Main Street, Snyder
T: 716-218-YOGA (9642