Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Steve Knight

Steve teaches yoga with passion and humor and runs Baptiste Affiliate Studio Yoga One. Together with his wife, Sally, Steve keeps Yoga One true to Baron’s philosophy and vision and to their vision for the Charlotte community. In 2003 Steve took a few Bikram classes over the course of a year and enjoyed the physical challenge, and the novelty but… he had plenty of physical outlets he enjoyed doing (weightlifting, mountain biking, tennis, skiing) and was already in excellent shape. Later that year when Sally attended two of Baron’s bootcamps, Steve started doing yoga once a week as a date night activity!

In February 2005, Steve attended Baron’s PRW in Dallas. Sally decided to open a yoga studio (Yoga One) and he offered to run the business. He attended to better understand the business and instead found himself in awe! He jumped into the deep end with both feet. Within a few months he attended Lisa Black’s teacher training, and Level 1 in Hawaii. Since then Steve has attended Level 1 again, Level 2 twice, the Baptiste Teacher Assistant Program and assisted Baron at events across the country. Yoga answers his physical, spiritual, philosophical, creative and business needs. “I apply yoga to everything I do. It’s the big connecting dot! Yoga makes me good with myself.”

“I never saw myself as a teacher. I went to workshops and teacher trainings to deepen my practice and understanding of yoga so I could better run the business. But here I am teaching! It’s amazing way to give of oneself. I truly love giving something I totally believe in to individuals and the community.”


Steve Knight
Find Steve at:

Yoga One

1318 Central Ave - D2 , Charlotte