Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Ronald Sambursky

Ron started his yoga practice in 2004 to try to alleviate symptoms of chronic back pain which started as a result of back surgery in 1992. Shortly after starting his yoga practice he started to feel relief and he wanted to share what he learned with others. After 2 ½ years of a practicing regularly, Ron began teaching at the studio that his wife Linda started; Yoga Body Shop, in Binghamton NY.

When he was first introduced to yoga, he tried to incorporate his athletic and competitive principles to his yoga practice. He soon found out that yoga is not a competition but rather a tool for personal growth and a way to connect deeper with your own mind and body. He has learned that in yoga practice it is important to accept where you are and to appreciate the other teachers and students and be inspired by their abilities.  Ron is a trained Prosthodontist (prosthetic Dentist) who knows that the way to continue to grow in life is directly proportional to the commitment put forth. Yoga has become Ron’s passion which has given him the desire to share what he is learning with his students.

In 2011 Ron attended Baptiste level one training to develop his skills as a yoga teacher. Caught somewhat by surprise Ron learned to peel the layers of the onion away to find his true authentic self.  As a result he had a complete shift of his vision and teaches and lives his life from a whole new perspective.

The Baptiste philosophy resonates with Ron because it goes beyond just the physical practice. The Baptiste philosophy awakened Ron to new possibilities. He is currently building a large new yoga studio with his wife where he shares himself with his students. He also communicates with his patients and family and friends in a whole new way. Ron believes that it is necessary to experience transformation and empowerment first hand before being ready to truly empower others.

Ron maintains a regular practice and is a perpetual student. He is delighted to be a part of the Baptiste community and honored to be a Certified Baptiste Teacher.

Ronald Sambursky
Find Ronald at:

Yoga Body Shop

205 Oakdale Road, Johnson City, NY
T: 1-866-YOGA-HOT