Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Rebecca Butler

Rebecca began studying yoga in 1999. She has studied many types of yoga but fell in love with Baptiste because of the philosophy: Be your true Self and you can make anything in your life happen. Clear away the blocks, your own self imposed limitations, and realize your inherent happiness.

In 2008, she committed to herself at New Year’s (like a resolution but not quite) that she would attend 1 teacher training that year. That commitment began a complete life overhaul that was never expected, planned or anticipated. She ended up dedicating her life to yoga, leaving her corporate job, moving back to her hometown, helping care for her ill mother (something she’d always wanted to do), allocating more time to raise her child, and finding love – as well as teaching 15 plus or minus yoga classes per week at Indigo Yoga.

She became certified in 2010 and is happier than she ever thought possible. It is this passion, this lightness of being, this clarity that she hopes to share with her students.

Rebecca continuously practices Baptiste as well as teaches this style of yoga. Her passionate desire is to help others discover what they CAN do in their lives if they just drop resistance. Many times in her classes, she has helped yogis grasp experiences they had previously deemed impossible. She loves helping people find their own power.

Rebecca Butler
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