Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Paula Harvey

Paula has an extensive dance background and has been choreographing for many years. Her love of movement and curiosity of yoga is what brought her to the Baptiste studio.

“I’ll never forget May 18, 2001 my life was forever changed! There was an instant shift in my body from the moment I walked into the studio that was both exciting and positive.”

Paula has completed Level One and Two Trainings with Baron Baptiste and was an assistant in the Boston studios for 3 years. “I had not planned on pursuing teaching the Baptiste flow at the beginning but then I realized I was using that as excuse to cover my fear. As a dancer you can perform and become someone else. In Yoga you have to be real because anyone else other than you doesn’t work.”

Paula’s passion for movement and this practice has given her a new found appreciation of the human body and spirit.

“Yoga makes our life better in all aspects. I’ve learned to love and appreciate my body through yoga. There are many hidden gifts in this practice and one of the best ones it gives to us is the connection to our true selves. Yoga helps us see clearly what’s really important in our life.

Knowing this I’m honored to show up each day and share this part of my life with you all.”

Paula Harvey
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