Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Paul Van Wijk

Five years ago I was a cardio junkie.  My daily routine consisted of a cardio class at lunch and weight training in the evening followed by an hour of running, biking or watching TV from an elliptical machine.  The challenge that I was facing was that I couldn’t sleep.   Having shared this with a friend she suggested that I try yoga.

I began to explore the world of yoga and booked what I thought to be a relaxing yoga retreat with Baron Baptiste.  It ended up being an incredibly intensive Power Yoga Teacher Training/Bootcamp that kicked my butt and my life was transformed.   Since that time I have accumulated hundreds hours of training under Baron Baptiste, including Level 1, Level 2, The Great Program, the Art of Assisting and the Apprentice program. I have also had the honor of assisting at 4 programs so far including Level 1, Level 2 Kenya, Art of Assisting and a 1 Day Immersion.

My yoga practice and this community helped me find my beautiful wife (also a yoga teacher), with whom I have helped to found the Olive Tree Yoga Foundation and True North Yoga,  two  non-profit organizations in The US and Canada, dedicated to create a powerful community of transformative leaders through the practice of yoga in the Middle East and North American First Nations.

Paul Van Wijk
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