Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Patrick Kiragu

For me, yoga has made me a better person, now I am responsible. I have become serious in my life and I have learned to take responsibility for my actions. Without my yoga practice I would be hustling in the streets of Nairobi.

I can really see a change in my students. Since starting yoga they are flexible. They have gained more concentration in their work. They take care of their bodies more; they get more sleep and have changed their
eating habits. When we all come together to practice yoga it inspires me because it brings a sense of unity and it breaks down barriers created by society.

They have changed physically. Most of my students are woman and they do a lot of housework and some of they have improved their backs and their bodies. Also, now they say they can focus a lot easier. I feel connected to everyone in the world who practices yoga. I feel we are all leading the change in the world.

Patrick Kiragu
Find Patrick at:

Africa Yoga Project

Shine Center, Diamond Plaza, 4th Floor, 4th Avenue, Nairobi