Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Pamela Rader

I have been practicing and teaching yoga in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia since 1999. I loved practicing and teaching yoga and all of its benefits but my life was truly transformed with my first Baptiste training in 2010. From that day on it has been my mission to create inspiration wherever I go. As a Baptiste Certified teacher I am committed to helping each and every student discover the power of possibility in their lives and step into their greatness on and off the mat.  As the owner of Shift Power Yoga I am committed to helping each and every student meet themselves exactly where there are and move into their greatest possibility.

I am passionate about taking my yoga off the mat and am an avid supporter of Vinyasa Yoga for Youth. This organization brings yoga to at risk kids all across Canada and is working its way into schools across the country.

Pamela Rader
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