Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Nikki Wong

A place where sweat meets serenity, Nikki offers a vigorous but fun and light-hearted approach to her classes. Students of all experience levels are encouraged to explore their own physical, mental, or spiritual edge in a supportive environment. As a hands on teacher, you won’t see Nikki practicing on her own mat while she teaches because her focus is on ensuring you get the best possible experience in your body and on your mat.

Nikki actually became a teacher based on an impulse buy and judged a book by it’s cover. She discovered Baron Baptiste’s Journey Into Power book. “I was intrigued by the pose,” she says. It’s Baron holding bakasana (crow pose). Since first discovering yoga back in 2001, she was never able to get into bakasana due to carpel tunnel in her wrist. “His words spoke to my heart and the practice spoke to my body,” says Nikki who committed to a daily practice and was able to fly in crow within a couple of months. She thought if she could accomplish crow pose in a matter of months when she thought she would never be able to do it, she knew her life was going to change.

Today, her practice is the journey of her life and her classes are a true reflection of her experience on and off her mat. Nikki believes that you are your own best guru when you begin to listen to the rhythm of your own breath and honor where you are in each moment. “When we connect and commit to our authentic selves, we have the platform to connect to our community and affect change,” says Nikki. She is also an ambassador for lululemon athletica and offers community classes through out the year.

When she is not teaching or volunteering, you can find her picnicking, hiking, biking, or doing yoga outdoors with her hubby and two kids. Visit her website
at to learn more about her and find her latest class schedules and events.

Nikki Wong
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158 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto