Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Nick Dickinson

Nick’s first exposure to the teachings of yoga came in his early teens, from books that belonged to his mother. This lead to years of exploring different yoga practices from Hatha to Kundalini and many in between. In his first year of college he had a profound experience at the ashram of a now rather famous Hindu guru that ignited a search for understanding of the relationship between body, mind, and breath.

That search lead him to ordain as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition in 1996. After five years of a lot of seated meditation he walked into his first Baptiste yoga class with Baron and was profoundly moved by the impact that the vinyasa had on his body and mind.

After years of being a student at the Cambridge studio he took his first Baptiste teacher trainings in 2011 and since that time has participated in and assisted many of Baron’s teacher trainings, and yoga immersions.

Nick brings over 21 years of meditation experience and over 12 years of practicing Baptiste yoga to every class he teaches. You can expect to be led into a powerful vinyasa flow with an emphasis on the meditative quality of the breath and bandhas.

Nick Dickinson
Find Nick at:

Cambridge Studio

2000 Massachussetts Avenue, Cambridge
T: 617-661-6565