Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Nick Clark

My name is Nick Clark and I teach power vinyasa yoga in Sacarmento, California. Prior to yoga, I was a very competitive soccer player. Yoga has helped me heal old injuries, physical and emotional. Through this type of yoga, I have rediscovered what it feels like to be in control of my life. I know that I am always supported from underneath and that I can expand into anything that I want. Success and creation in my life means to foster a calm center within myself so that I can hold space for people to look at themselves in an open, authentic and honest way. Yoga has taught me the power of clearing up old lies and laying them to rest. This has been a clearing experience for me that I am excited for you to feel as well.

Nick Clark
Find Nick at:

Zuda Yoga

19th and O Street | Sacramento, CA 95811
T: 916-441-1267