Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Nicholas Turner

Nicholas Turner is a Baptiste Certified Teacher and owner of Soul Power Yoga.  His family doctor introduced Nicholas to yoga in 1998. After burning the candle at both ends and not taking care of his body, he had his first ACL reconstruction at a relatively young age. Working long hours in the construction industry as a Quantity Surveyor and studying simultaneously at a university, he was recommended to start practicing yoga.

At first he thought ‘yoga is not for me’, but later Nick had to admit how wrong he had been. Yoga has helped Nicholas in recovering from sport injuries by strengthening his body as well as gaining more knowledge of his limits. With yoga he has learned how not to let his competitive nature take over but rather focus on staying true to his own goals. He views yoga as a perfect tool to control one’s mind chatter and to increase the sense of being present, something we all seem to lose from time to time.

Nicholas is originally from the UK, and has been in Australia since 2003.

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