Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Natalie Webber

With a background in gymnastics, dance, figure skating and competitive volleyball, I was immediately addicted to the physicality of the Baptiste flow. However, several months later, I realized that the physicality was not the reason I was still practicing. Still reeling from the recovery of my mom’s stroke and my dad’s cancer diagnosis there was a part of me longing to live a life of greater fulfillment. I realized how tired I was from being driven to achieve all the time. I also realized, during my first 40 days program, how much I had stopped connecting with people. I was baffled by this experience and beyond ready for a change. 3 months later I found myself at Baron Baptiste’s Level 1 training. I returned with excitement, vigor and a desire to enrol others in the experience. I re-did the 40 days program fully committed. A month later I was in Chicago doing the Baptiste Art of Assisting. 3 months later I completed my 200 hour teacher training with the Baptiste Affiliate Studio, Power Yoga Canada and the following year I found myself at the Baptiste Level 2 training. I had awoken the dormant, energetic girl from out-port Newfoundland that somewhere between university, work and adult life had forgotten how to play, have fun and truly love the experience of connecting with others. The Baptiste community has been a coming home for me. As a scheduled teacher at Power Yoga Canada Etobicoke and Power Yoga Canada Leaside, I am filled with gratitude for all my experiences with this practice and I am excited to welcome everyone to this incredible world of connection and transformation.

Natalie Webber
Find Natalie at:

Power Yoga Canada

485 Trafalgar Road, Oakville
T: (905) 403-9642