Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Naima Workman

I arrived at my first Baptiste Power Yoga class in 2002 looking for a new way to stay in shape, and instead I found a whole new outlook on life.

I started running long distance when I was 11 and enjoyed the physical challenge and the success, but did not enjoy the injuries that left me limping by the end of high school. When I went to college at Harvard, my physical discipline went out the window. Needless to say, by the time I graduated, my mind was overloaded and my body was neglected.

When I first encountered Baptiste Yoga in Boston, I felt like I had discovered a home I didn’t know existed. Although it kicked my butt (and still continues to do so!), I felt invigorated in mind and body. As I continued to practice, I realized that I had to share my discovery and I embarked on my journey to become a certified teacher. I went to Level One Baptiste training in Hawaii in 2006 and onto Level Two in Montana in 2009 and finally became a Certified Baptiste Teacher in 2010. In the meantime, I uprooted my life and put new roots down in Northampton to cofound Shiva Shakti Power Yoga with Master Teacher Brandon Compagnone in 2008, which has been the most amazing learning experience of my life.

In my classes, I encourage students to challenge themselves sensitively and to discover the tools they need to explore on their own. I look at teaching as just another step as a student and aim to share my experiences of growth and discovery on my path.

When I’m not in class, I’m usually playing guitar, hanging out in the woods, or cooking good food.

Naima Workman
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Shiva Shakti Power Vinyasa Yoga

17 Strong Ave., Northampton, Massachusetts