Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Moses Mbajah

As a professional acrobat for 10 years, Moses’ teaching combines an intense physical practice with a gentle and loving message of inner and outer peace. As the country director of Africa Yoga Project programs, Moses is a pioneer of yoga in Kenya; he is the first black Kenyan yoga teacher who focuses on teaching in his local community. Moses has introduced thousands of students in Kenya to the practice of yoga and infuses his own joy for the practice, dispelling the myths of it being a religion or a practice reserved for wealthy westerners. He teaches from a non-dogmatic place where yoga is not a religion but a lifestyle to adapt to. People can come together with the message that anyone and everyone can practice yoga.
Moses was introduced to the world of yoga through workshops conducted by Paige Elenson in Nairobi, Kenya. Together they brought yoga and other healing movement arts to the internally displaced persons camps after the 2007 post-election violence in Kenya. Soon after, Moses attended Baron Baptiste Level 1 & 2 training in Tulum, Mexico.

Since his training, Moses has co-facilitated trainings with Baron Baptiste in Kenya, and assisted him internationally. He has also presented yoga at the Italian Yoga Festival in Milan and the Gatwich Festival in Kenya. Moses has been featured in international media including BBC, Yoga Journal and various Kenyan stations.

He currently teaches every day, sometimes 3 times a day, in various locations around Nairobi. Moses now teaches not only in the slums but also to companies, ministers, and embassy workers. Yoga has become very popular in Kenya and is available to all social classes, tribes, and races. His biggest inspiration for teaching yoga in Kenya is seeing the boundaries of tribalism being broken down. He teaches from a place of no boundaries where everyone is equal and can participate in the same activities. He is very excited for this opportunity and wants all of you to come join him for this experience where everyone can be one.

Moses Mbajah
Find Moses at:

Africa Yoga Project

Shine Center, Diamond Plaza, 4th Floor, 4th Avenue, Nairobi