Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Molly Cornell

Molly Cornell found yoga over 10 years ago while on a spa vacation in the Berkshires. She was a die-hard aerobic and spinning instructor but felt there was something missing from her athletic pursuits. She tried yoga at a spa and was floored by how physically challenging the practice was but also loved the calm and peace the practice brought to her life. He sister-in-law introduced her to the Baptiste-style of vinyasa and she began her training with Baron Baptiste in 2001. Molly finally completed her certification in 2011. She has also been trained in the Bishnu Gosh style of hot yoga by Lara Rubin.

I feel more confident in my teaching now that I have become a part of the Baptiste organization. My students are proud of my hard work and accomplishment. I also understand that there are certain standards of teaching that I must uphold to show my students what the Baptiste method is all about.

Molly Cornell
Find Molly at:

Melt Hot Yoga

#16 Gateway Shopping Center, Edwardsville, PA 18704
T: 570-287-3400