Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Michele Shulz

Michele came to Midwest Power Yoga looking to find her breath in an effort to enhance her black belt training in Tae Kwon Do. She found that she loved the heat and the intensity of each and every class and discovered the inner transformation of personal and spiritual growth. Wanting to share that experience with others, she applied to the Midwest Power Yoga Teacher Certification Program, where she received her CYT, RYT and CTA certifications.

“Baron and the Baptiste staff taught me the importance of having an open heart; to be truly present in my practice and my life. I soon realized this was only the beginning of my journey. With Baron’s guidance at Level 2 Teacher Training in Montana, I found my breath – which I was so desperately seeking – and I renewed my spiritual faith. My inner light began to shine and I was given wings to fly. My personal transformation has been so strong and powerful. It has become the foundation of my desire to teach Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. I want to reach out to others and to provide them with the same opportunity for personal transformation within their own lives.”

Michele is a Certified Baptiste Teacher. Her classes are blended with the desire to physically challenge her students and provide them with the freedom to explore their inner and spiritual self. When she is not teaching or practicing, you can find Michele volunteering at school or at home with her family.

Michele Shulz
Find Michele at:

Yoga Junction Studio

Hortonville, WI