Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Melissa Longfellow

Melissa Longfellow is the co-owner of 3 OMS YOGA in Bellingham, WA and has been a yogi and a seeker ever since she can remember… In a seemingly unlikely path for a half-Guatemalan/half-French-Canadian-WASP raised Catholic in suburban Massachusetts, at age 8 Melissa was given the name “Padmavati” (lotus flower) by the late Siddha Yoga guru Swami Muktananda. Unknown to her at the time, it would be the begninning of her yogic journey. After several years of being unconscious of, and unkind to her body, she sought out yoga for healing and serendipitously arrived into a daily yoga practice with Power Vinyasa founder, Baron Baptiste (who she continues to be her main teacher, nearly 15 years later). In the months that followed, she watched in awe as her body healed, her life transformed and her heart opened (possibly for the first time, she noticed).  After moving from Boston to San Diego to Bellingham WA, Melissa mentored closely with Senior Baptiste teacher, Lisa Black and taught at Shakti Vinyasa Yoga in Seattle for 2 years before opening 3 OMS YOGA in 2009. Melissa is deeply inspired by yoga and the life practice of it, as well as Emotional Freedom Technique (, iGolü.com (by Susanne Conrad) and the pursuit of surf, sun, snowboarding, playing with her 2 boys, painting murals, making amazing green smoothies and embracing her family legacies of both Maya culture and cosmology and the teachings of JC, Buddha and many other wise ones. Including friends and students and family. When not in rainy, beautiful Bellingham, you will likely find her pursuing surf or teaching Standup Paddleboard Yoga in some sunny, tropical location. When you take a class with Melissa you will feel here sincere love and enthusiasm for yoga and for you! She will lovingly hold the space for you excavate the gems that make you uniquely amazing!

Melissa Longfellow
Find Melissa at:


1210 Bay St, Bellingham, WA 98225
T: 360-671-3510