Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Mary Lyn Jenkins

Yoga found me while I was living in Seattle, Washington in 2001. I had moved as far away from my roots in the South on the hunt for adventure and new scenery. My husband and I were encouraged to ‘find something new as a couple’ while we were struggling in our marriage and being counseled. Together, we took our first class. Soon thereafter, we found a Baptiste studio and I knew right away I had found my home.

There was no bolt of lightning, but I felt something awesome and experienced an amazing connection to people in the room and to my own spirit. I was lit up and didn’t really know why…but I knew I wanted to come back.

After lots of years and lots of yoga in the Pacific Northwest, my Southern roots called me back closer to home. I landed on the Florida coast and went to work embracing what I knew I was created to do. My passion is being a student and teacher of this practice…and my greatest joy every day is sharing it with others. Big Fish Power Yoga is the result of that joy and desire to share. We opened our doors in September 2010 and are lighting up the Atlantic coast! I am blessed beyond measure and being a studio owner and Certified Baptiste Instructor are two of those amazing blessings. One great surprise in life has been seeing my husband attend Level One and return to his life here lit up and sharing in the classroom. Pretty awesome.

Mary Lyn Jenkins
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