Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Marsha Austin

Marsha began her journey with yoga in 2004 when a still, small, but persistent voice inside told her to get to a class, any class As she sat on her mat, she had a feeling of deep homecoming that has never left her. In 2008 her practice deepened to a whole new level when she discovered Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga while living in Austin, TX. Marsha was immediately hooked by how the practice carved such rapid and substantial paths to change in her life, and the lives of students around her.

Six months after her first taste of this transformational yoga style, Marsha attended her first teacher training bootcamp with Baron Baptiste. The experience changed her life. The spirit of waking up to herself, and her own power within, allowed Marsha to shed years of self-imposed blocks to personal expression and freedom and open to a new journey, one guided by a deep knowing that healing others through sharing her own story and inspiration through yoga was part of her true life’s purpose.

Marsha is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher, who lives and works in the Denver-Boulder area, and is passionately dedicated to sharing this empowering practice with others.

Marsha Austin
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