Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Maria Merrill

I wasn’t prepared for the physical practice but I was so ready to surrender and let go of all this fear and heaviness that I had been carrying around. I practiced Bikram yoga for 3 years and became a certified hot yoga teacher in 2003. I loved getting into my body, seeing it change and becoming stronger. Not coming from a physical background I was amazed at what I saw others do and how my body had changed. But I wanted something more. Out of curiosity I signed up for a 5 day workshop with Baron in Austin and I remember so vividly, when I was assisted in class, thinking¬†I want to do this. I want to help others feel what I am experiencing here on my mat right now. Whatever it is that is happening right now is real and I want to share this with others.

The practice of yoga, especially Baptiste ¬†Yoga, gives us an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves. There is no room for hiding and there is no need to hide. We can rid ourselves of all the petty stuff that doesn’t matter and just be. We don’t have to change or go further. We already are. And that is enough.

One reason I love to teach is that I love to learn and to share. I feel so blessed that I get to study and practice yoga with like minded individuals and share what I learn. Whether it is just flowing with my breath in harmony with my neighbor during a class, or sharing a favorite quote, or a greater understanding of how to hold a pose, I can share what I love with people that also love yoga. Yoga has given me a way to shed my masks, to let go of the “shoulds” and “what if’s” and to just be okay in my skin.

Maria Merrill
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Yoga Ananda

1822 W. Alabama #2, Houston