Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Marc Weinreich

Marc is a Certified Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher, recently moving to Utah from Boston.  Marc teaches an innovative, dynamic and physically invigorating, heated style of practice and has been personally trained by two of Baron’s Master Teachers.  Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga is for everyone and every body since modifications are always on offer.  It sculpts and re-shapes bodies and minds; it is safely and intelligently sequenced. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga warms-up and tones muscles, builds physical and internal balance, increases and cultivates core and back strength, inverts the physiological system, and grounds the central nervous system.

Off-the-mat, Marc practices yoga as Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Vice-President of Greenfield Environmental Trust Group, Inc. and its affiliated companies.  GETG is a nationally recognized and award-winning company that at the request of the United States Department of Justice, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and various States across the country serves as a court appointed trustee to clean-up and breath new life into hazardous waste sites nationally.

Marc Weinreich
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