Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Maralle Fakhereddin

From a young age, Maralle has been drawn to movement and self expression. Starting with ballet, basketball, then swimming and crew, she has enjoyed moving, breathing, being active, around friends and nature

Maralle is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and a Certified Life Coach. She has completed over 500 hours of training and apprenticeship with her beloved teacher Baron Baptiste, and participated in the first ever Level Three teacher training with Baron in December of 2011. Maralle teaches yoga around the bay area; Palo Alto, Redwood Shores, San Mateo and San Francisco, and has coached beautiful beings from Jordan, Turkey, Canada, UK and around the US. She is also an experienced guide and coach for the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program.

As a student and teacher of yoga, Maralle is always reminded of the powerful practice of removing the blocks from our way of being and living our True and Fullest expression.

“I believe that the power in power yoga is all about listening in and connecting to our inner power and wisdom to empower everyone around us. Everything that we are seeking; happiness, love, richness… is already within each one of us! Through the practice, we connect to our True and Whole Center and we share and express from that source out into the world fearlessly and generously!”

Maralle’s teaching is filled with self expression, inquiry, community, fun and sweat!

Maralle Fakhereddin
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