Senior Teacher:
Lisa Taylor

I really enjoyed yoga and involved myself in the world of yoga wherever I could. As a volunteer at the Omega Yoga Conference I was assigned to watch the door of Baron Baptiste, a teacher of whom I knew nothing and did not even recognize in person. I loved the class and as it turned out was assigned to his room nearly every session. A month later I attended a Personal Revolution Weekend and knew something about yoga was changing for me!

Two months later I landed in Hawaii for Level One Teacher Training. In many ways I was set up to have the experience of my life, the first in a series of experiences to change my life. Each training experience has presented me with a gift. In Hawaii I discovered how to be present, to live in exactly right now. This was not something I had even tried before. In fact, I had perfected being anywhere but here. Later, at my Level Two training, I learned what to do with myself in all of the difficult moments that led me to wanting to be anywhere but the present. I expect I will always want to participate in training experiences, always want to continue growing and learning. These were my life changing yoga moments. Yes, I am still having fun practicing yoga but now I know I practice with a purpose and have been given the gift of being able to share my purpose.

My studio has come a long way over the past six years. We teach only Baptiste style Vinyasa.  I train teachers and get to watch the magical process of evolution happen for different people everyday! The studio is called Evolution Power Yoga because of the evolution my life has taken through the process of practicing and teaching yoga. I am so blessed!

Lisa Taylor
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Evolution Power Yoga

398 Harrisburg Ave #250 Champion Forge Center, Lancaster